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If you have come to us full of enthusiasm over finding a local organization that champions a cause you are passionate about, we are glad you are here. 


If you have come to us grieving and in shock over a recent Down Syndrome diagnosis, wondering how you will move forward, knowing your child will most likely not have the kind of life you expected them to, we want you to know we understand, because we have been there, too.


We have experienced the breathtaking views from the mountaintop, where we almost glimpse heaven by seeing the world through our children’s eyes.  We have experienced profound joy as we delight in small things, little triumphs, and remarkable family memories.


But we have also been in the valley. We have cried with and for our children, as they meet simple tasks with formidable determination and perseverance.  We have mourned for the perceptions and stigmas they face in a world that doesn’t always understand or celebrate difference. 


So when we say we are here for you, we mean it with all our hearts. We want to connect with you at whatever point in the journey you find yourself on.  


Our journey together began in a small Georgia hospital. We had both just given birth to two beautiful and healthy babies. One baby was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. The other was not.  One of us mamas had been inducted into the Down Syndrome family several  years prior, while the other was just beginning her journey. One of us had been given an abundance of resources and support when we discovered our baby had Downs’, while the other mom was given no support and was left with nothing but questions. 

We partnered together right there in the hospital, and committed to do better for other families. Two moms left the hospital with the fiery determination only moms can muster, and the Down Syndrome Association of Southwest Georgia was born. 

We knew families in our area deserved better and we also knew if we wanted things to change, we had to enact that change. Our goal has always been to empower families and encourage them as they walk this road.  They say it takes a village to raise a child and we are striving to be that village for families with children who have Down Syndrome. 


Join us in making the world a better place.



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